Ariel, age 15, currently has a Weekend Miracles host family, but is still looking for an adoptive family. Watch her interview on Wednesday’s Child.

Ariel is a girl who enjoys a good conversation and has a knack for humorous sarcasm. She is renowned for being incredibly smart and self-aware. She is on the honor roll at school and has clear academic goals – she aspires to graduate as a UC Davis Aggie and become a veterinarian. Ariel also takes pride in her extracurricular activities and talents. On top of playing basketball, she jokes that she is a triple threat as she can sing, dance, and act.

While she possesses a kind and youthful spirit, she is incredibly mature and socially conscious. She does not like being treated like she is naïve and appreciates when people reciprocate the safety and respect that she provides unto others. She is woefully aware of the effects that being in foster care can have on a kid’s future and wishes to be adopted into a loving family that will support her and help her achieve her goals.

While she identifies as Christian/Baptist, she is open to being adopted into a family of any and all faiths, so long as they are open about her own. She would love a family with a dog, or who is open to having a dog.

Ariel is open to all types of families as long as they have a good sense of humor and are determined to cheer for their adoptive daughter and help her achieve her dreams.

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