Avianna, age 16, currently has a Weekend Miracles host family, but is still looking for an adoptive family.

Avianna is a high spirited girl. Likes most teenage girls, she loves talking and being active with her friends. She enjoys a good game of cards and playing basketball after school. She also loves to explore her artistic side and spend time drawing and painting.

As the oldest of her siblings, Avianna is a natural leader with a strong and determined personality. She enjoys going to school where her teachers say she works very hard and is doing her best. Avianna is also bilingual and is able to speak Greek. She enjoys home cooked meals, especially Mexican food.

Avianna and her younger sister, Apples, want to find an adoptive family where they can be together. Avianna and Apples also have a brother with whom they share a close bond, and would want to remain in contact after finding an adoptive family. They need a stable and loving family in their life who will give them the support they need to grow and thrive.

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