Brianna, age 11, currently has a Weekend Miracles host family but is still looking for an adoptive family.

With a smile from ear to ear, meet Brianna, age 11. Brianna loves to play board games, especially Monopoly, so get ready for long hours of play. When not playing board games, you can find Briana outside playing basketball, volleyball, kickball, riding her bike and hula hooping.

Initially Brianna can seem shy and reserved, but once she feels comfortable she will open up. She likes to be active and eat out tons! Briana has several favorite foods, such as, pizza, fries, carrots, potatoes, apples and hamburgers. She described herself as a good cook, and was taught by her mother, father and foster mother.

She especially likes to listen and dance to all kinds of music and playing games on her tablet. She is bilingual in Spanish, but feels most comfortable speaking English. Briana would like to be a police officer when she grows up to protect her friends and family.

Due to the losses and tough childhood Brianna has experienced, she struggles with maintaining positive peer and adult relationships, but has made positive strides with support from counseling and community services to her and her foster home. She maintains contact with her siblings and a family supportive of her ongoing sibling relationships is very important to her.

Take a chance to meet Brianna further and experience what a joy she is.

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