Brittany, age 17, currently has a Weekend Miracles host family but is still looking for an adoptive family.

Brittany has been learning the art of knitting, and she is also looking to be part of a tight-knit family.  Some say that knitting is like dealing with family because in both cases what you’re doing comes from the heart …plus both require time and patience … and in both cases when you make a mistake you can usually go back and correct it.  Brittany would love to have a family to create a permanent tapestry of memories as she continues to work her way through the loops and twists of life. 

Brittany’s shy smile reveals that she, too, is somewhat shy and reserved.  In addition to knitting, she likes painting, listening to music and going for walks in the park. Her favorite colors are pink and blue and her favorite school subject is math. 

Brittany has had some challenges, but she has been making progress and would a delightful addition to any family.

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