Tall for his age and naturally athletic, Curtis, 14, could be your future MVP. He can be initially shy, but with patience and a little humor mixed in, Curtis did finally share his all-star smile with us.  

A handsome face, framed by large dimples, this young man can tug at your heart strings with just one smile. He has been patiently waiting for his forever family and as he gets older he has become less optimistic that someday he will live with his very own family.

Curtis first participated in a heart gallery shoot to find a family at age 6. At that time he was all smiles and full of hope. He wanted to be superman when he grew up and hoped to learn how to do karate like a Teenage Ninja Turtle. These were the hopes of his six year old self, but today, three short years later, he just wants to live with “someone who likes me and lets me play sports.”

Curtis needs more than anything an adult who will commit to him unconditionally. With a positive role model and consistent support and love in his life, he is sure to become the amazing young man he was meant to be.

Curtis is participating in therapy to help him deal with the many losses and letdowns he has experienced in his young life. With the right parent or parents cheering him on, he can once again share his smile freely and once again dream big.

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