Daniela and Victoria

Daniela, age 12, and Victoria, age 14, are sisters who enjoy going to school to learn and having fun with friends.

Daniela is an outgoing and active girl. She is usually a little bit shy at first in a new social setting, but once she gets to know someone she blossoms. She really enjoys watching television; whether it’s movies or her favorite TV shows. She loves pets and her favorite thing to do is playing with the family dog. Daniela likes going to school to learn and likes to play with her friends from school. Daniela likes to help when the caregiver prepares meals and set up the table. Her favorite foods are pizza, burritos, hamburgers, and bagels and cream cheese.

Victoria is a loving and friendly girl. She is also very social and can easily
engage in conversations to share her interests and other news from social media. She enjoys watching TV, riding her bike or going for walks with her caregiver and sister. Her favorite past time is to play with her tablet. Victoria loves going to school because she gets to spend time with her friends and to learn new things. She likes all kinds of foods, especially pizza. Victoria receives services to address her behavioral challenges and to follow directions.

Daniela and Victoria are looking for a caring, compassionate and loving home. Are these sisters the ones you’ve been looking for?