Freddy & Laura

Freddy, 14, is a happy and considerate child who learns quickly, takes initiative, and never gives up.  Laura, 7, is a sweet girl who dreams of being a doctor one day. 

Freddy is in 6th grade and has excellent grades in his class. He likes to participate in school activities and sports. Freddy is well-liked by all his peers and described as a sporty and active child who plays soccer every day. Freddy’s dream is to be a pilot one day and to have a family that will love him and his sister.

Laura is loving, independent, and cheerful and loves to make those around her happy. She has a persistent spirit and never gives up. She takes the opportunity to see problems as challenges that she can overcome. She enjoys dancing, singing, and pretty dresses. She hopes her family will love her as much as she will love them.

Freddy and Laura hope for a forever family together who will bring them lots of happiness.