A Miracle in Courtroom 404

A Miracle in Courtroom 404

When I entered the courtroom where the adoption finalization would occur, I was struck by the big smile on the judge’s face. He was telling James how happy he was to see him with his dads for his adoption. He shared that he has known James for six years and had long hoped that this day would come. I was so thrilled to be there that I had to collect myself so that I could take photos to capture the moment.

James had been in the Weekend Miracles program for exactly a year when he first met Gerry and Ruben at the October Kidsave event in 2012. James was a smart, charming kid, who had a way of pulling people into a conversation. He was also living in a group home, had experienced multiple adoption disruptions, and was starting to lose hope that he would ever find a family. Ruben and Gerry immediately sensed something special about James when they met him, and requested they be able to drive James to the next Weekend Miracles event. James was a little slow to warm up to the guys, but they were patient with him and took things slowly. The rest is history. James began spending weekends with Ruben and Gerry and moved into their home 6 short weeks after the weekend visits began.

While leaving the courthouse James said something that touched my heart. ”I never have to come back here again”. It was truly a day to celebrate!

Kidsave events have given my youth opportunities to seek supports within the community. The Kidsave hosts who have connected with my teens have provided support to teens who feel they have very little.

Fawnda Sandoval, Child Social Worker III

Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services Adoption and Permanency Resource Division

Kidsave Weekend Miracles brings in a whole group of adults who weren’t ready to foster or adopt but want to make a difference in a child’s lives…
There are a slew of families interested in making a difference.

Sari Grant

Los Angeles County Recruitment Administrator

Eight years into hosting I can truly say Tawanesha is my family. The Kidsave experience has changed both of our lives for the better. Watching Tawanesha persevere through obstacles has been the most fulfilling experience ever.

Jesseca Ryan

Kidsave Host

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