Makayla, age 10, is a high-spirited and outgoing young girl! She loves playing with friends – especially playing anything that involves dolls and make-overs.

Makayla adores clothing, make-up and painting her nails. Her favorite foods are avocados, vanilla ice cream and Panda Express. Makayla wants to spend her days shopping, dancing, going to mall, going to the movies and swimming in the pool. Her friendly and passionate character follow her on all her adventures, and Makayla loves to be the star of the show!

Makayla is an expressive and sincere girl looking for a family who will be right by her side throughout all her endeavors. She thrives with plenty of one on one time and needs a family that provides her structure and consistency. Makayla recognizes that she needs a lot of attention, and she is constantly working to calm her emotions. Makayla struggles with rejection because she is extremely caring. Her caring side shines through in her incredibly inclusive attitude and friendly disposition. Makayla wants a mom in her life that can provide her with consistency, empathy and love.

Makayla maintains great relationships with her teachers, and absolutely loves learning and being in school. Every day Makayla is excited to make new friends and meet new people – and everyday Makayla hopes she will find a family. Makayla wishes to have a family by her side to nurture and love her, so she can be free to be the fashionable and fiery young girl she wants to be.