Meet Thida—an artistic, independent, curious, and outgoing 14-year-old.

Thida enjoys learning and she loves going to school. Thida has worked incredibly hard on her academic grades this past year and was given the award of the student of the month in March due to her hard work and academic success. Thida loves animals and could see herself in a career involving animals in the future. Thida enjoys singing and like many girls her age, she enjoys going shopping! She has no problem making new friends and is very outgoing. Thida is self-reflective and takes accountability for situations that she could have handled better. Although Thida does not live with her two siblings, she enjoys her role as the oldest sibling and would like to maintain regular contact with her younger sister and brother. Thida will thrive as a single child with a family of her own. Take a chance to meet Thida and experience what a wonderful girl she is.

Could you be the family Thida is seeking?