Weekend Miracles Video Library

Weekend Miracles Video Library

“I walked in to the program just completely shut off from anyone who might want to get close to me. Because that was scary for me, like that was someone to know who I was, someone to connect with me because I was afraid that whoever came into my life would walk out of it…”


“The biggest difference that Weekend Miracles has made is just being able to connect with someone that maybe I would have never made a connection with otherwise. Being that age and it being so difficult to be in foster care it was great to be able to open up to someone who CARED…”

30 Second PSA

For most kids the weekend means having fun… for some, it means the possibility of having a family…

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Kidsave events have given my youth opportunities to seek supports within the community. The Kidsave hosts who have connected with my teens have provided support to teens who feel they have very little.

Fawnda Sandoval, Child Social Worker III

Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services Adoption and Permanency Resource Division

Kidsave Weekend Miracles brings in a whole group of adults who weren’t ready to foster or adopt but want to make a difference in a child’s lives…
There are a slew of families interested in making a difference.

Sari Grant

Los Angeles County Recruitment Administrator

Eight years into hosting I can truly say Tawanesha is my family. The Kidsave experience has changed both of our lives for the better. Watching Tawanesha persevere through obstacles has been the most fulfilling experience ever.

Jesseca Ryan

Kidsave Host

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